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Use Argan Oil For A Flawless Complexion

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Even Out Your Skin Tone Naturally with Argan Oil

How Morocco's Liquid Gold Can Fix Uneven Skin

While most fashion and beauty trends come and go throughout the centuries, one perpetual source of good looks is an even skin tone. No matter what the shade, men and women alike want to have consistent pigmentation from head to toe.

argan oil for skin

Unfortunately, for many people this isn't easy to accomplish. Scars, blotchy patches, liver spots, and half a dozen other ailments can mar skin's smooth and uniform appearance. Because of this, countless skin lightening products are sold every year with the hope that they'll do more good than harm.

In this article, we'll discuss the causes of uneven skin tone, how pure argan oil can accomplish even skin naturally, and why argan is the safest and most effective choice for treated scarred or blotchy skin.

What causes uneven skin tone?

Uneven skin tone, also known as hyperpigmentation, is usually the result of skin damage or hormonal changes. These can be due to acne scars, sun damage, pregnancy, or hormone therapy.

  • Sun damage – repeated or unprotected sun exposure can cause a lasting disruption in skin pigmentation. This can be seen as a permanent, uneven tan, or it may manifest as liver spots (liver spots are not a sign of age, but the result of long-term skin damage in localized areas).
  • Scars – Scars resulting from acne or injury tend to leave a 'shadow' of themselves after the wound itself has healed. These shadows are the result of the hyperpigmentation that occurs when the skin becomes inflamed in response to injury. Over time, most scars become lighter, but it can take many years for them to fully fade. Some never do.
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  • Pregnancy – When a woman becomes pregnant, her body begins to release hormones in different and larger amounts. These can affect her hair and skin in either a cosmetically pleasing or displeasing way. Many pregnant women find that they develop dark patches or lines in their skin during pregnancy.
  • Other hormonal changes – Taking a hormonal medicine (such as birth control pills) can cause skin changes similar to those seen in pregnancy. Stopping the treatment can often cause the skin to return to normal, though for many people this isn't a viable option.
  • Dry skin – Often, dark patches on the elbows are due to excess layers of dry, dead skin. Exfoliating to slough off the dead skin will eliminate the darker skin on those areas.

With the exception of dry skin (which can also be treated by the exfoliating properties of argan oil), all of the above are due to a change in pigmentation in the upper or middle layers of the epidermis (or skin)1. In the next section, we'll go over how and why argan oil can return skin pigment to a normal, even tone.

argan oil for skin

Please be aware that dark skin patches (especially on the neck, under arms, and inner thighs) can also be a warning sign of diabetes, so it's important to check with your doctor before you begin any new skin treatment.


How to use organic argan oil to even out skin tone.

Argan oil works best when the skin is clean and slightly damp. Start by washing the skin with a gentle soap, rinsing, and slightly drying. Put a few drops of pure, organic argan oil into the palm of the hand, then massaging the oil over the darkened patch of skin. Do this each day, once or twice per day.

In the laboratory, results could be seen in as little as three days, but those were intensive conditions. Results at home will likely begin to appear in 6-8 days. Continue using argan oil until the desired results are obtained. Because argan is gentle enough to use every day indefinitely, there is no upper limit to how many days in a row it can be applied.

In fact, since argan is a natural moisturizer and can help to prevent skin damage before it occurs, light daily use is recommended.

argan oil for beautiful skin


What to watch out for when buying argan for skin tone.

It's always important to make sure you're buying 100% pure organic argan oil, but when it comes to buying a product for even skin tone, careful selection is even more important than usual. Many commercial products are now advertising themselves as “Made with Argan,” and other similar slogans. In fact, these products often have an extremely low percentage of argan oil in them.

Why is this so important? One of the primary reasons for using argan as a natural skin lightener is because it doesn't come with the same side effects as other chemical-laden products. But unless you're buying 100% organic argan oil (not “Moroccan oil”), you may find that your product is filled with the very chemicals you sought to avoid. Don't run the risk of damaging your skin further with adulterated argan products. Make sure the bottle says 100% argan with nothing else added.

In conclusion…

Argan oil stands out as having:

  1. a) no adverse dermatological side effects
  2. b) no artificial additives or unnecessary chemical ingredients
  3. c) clinically proven success at lightening skin

With no negative side effects, and with positive side effects like moisturized, healthier skin, as well as a stellar track record for success, why would you choose anything else?

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