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Argan Oil & Cosmetics: Everything You Need To Know

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Argan Oil & Cosmetics: Everything You Need To Know

Argan is the Latest Word in the Cosmetics Industry, But What Does It Really Mean?

Argan oil is being touted as the latest and greatest thing in the beauty industry. Major cosmetics brands have started carrying argan oil blends, and hair care products are now adding argan to their formulas. Everything from shampoo to eyeliner is now “made with argan.” But how much of it is all hype? Is argan oil the miracle cure it's claimed to be? And where will it be a few years from now?

Argan oil cosmetics

Which argan oil product is right for you?

There's plenty of information about this relative newcomer to the cosmetics scene, and it's all good news. This article has all you ever wanted to know about cosmetic argan oil.

The Skinny on Argan

When a product gets so many rave reviews, it's only natural to feel a bit skeptical. After all, when something seems too good to be true, it probably is. But as clinical studies are being conducted and their findings reported, it turns out that the claims about argan are objectively true. Elle magazine even ran an article stating “Argan oil has earned its cult status,” and listed the studied and well-researched effects of this nourishing oil. So what can argan oil do for your beauty?

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Argan works as a:

How does one product do all this? How can one product (made from a single ingredient, no less), be applicable to so many areas? The answer can be found on the back of the bottle. Natural argan oil is filled to bursting with vitamins and essential fatty acids that promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. In its endemic region of Morocco, women have been using it for hundreds of years to keep their skin looking young, their hair soft, and their nails strong. In some ways, this isn't a new development. It's just that science is finally catching up.

So argan is the real deal, right? Just buy a bottle of oil from eBay and kiss your hair and skincare troubles goodbye!

Well, not quite. Pure, organic argan oil is the real deal, but you need to be careful what you order.

argan oil cosmetics

Be cautious about products that claim to be made with argan oil.

A Little Dab…

While many cosmetics brands are adding argan to their products, be wary about how little argan oil generally goes into a given item. Just like you can buy a bottle of juice that contains 2% juice, you can buy argan oil that contains only a trace of argan. “Moroccan oil” is often a code name for “a little argan oil with a lot of other fillers,” so always be sure you're buying 100%, genuine argan oil.

Before you buy anything, make sure you can read the ingredients. If it doesn't say organic, or if it has any other ingredients, don't waste your time. A lot of cosmetics companies want to cash in on the buzz around argan oil (and who can blame them?). But if you're looking for the healing and restorative properties of argan oil, you need actual argan oil. It only takes a drop or two of pure argan to treat your face and hair, so you're not doing yourself any favors by buying cheap, adulterated oil. Beyond that, some additives can actually be harmful to your skin or hair, so it's always best to stick with pure oil.

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Is This Just The Latest Cosmetics Craze?

Remember in the early 2000s, when everyone started going crazy over pomegranate juice? Suddenly every juice and health product featured pomegranate in some fashion or another. But eventually the hype died down, and these specialty products slowly made their way off the shelves.

If the past is any kind of guide to the future, we can expect that as the excitement around argan oil dies down, the number of phoney argan products will as well. Eyeliner with 0.001% argan will stop being manufactured in favor of the next new revelation. And, ultimately, this is something to look forward to. Consumers will no longer be fooled into buying products with virtually no argan in them by less-than-ethical companies that are looking to make a quick buck.

So in some ways, argan oil has become a bit of a craze. But with bona fide health benefits like these, pure argan oil isn't going anywhere. The products that try to cash in quick will get what they can out of buyers and move along to their next big hit, while those who supply real argan oil will carry on.

argan oil tree

Argan oil has been around for thousands of years.

Cosmetic Argan Oil is Here to Stay

As Elle magazine pointed out, there's good reason argan oil has its reputation as a miracle-working cosmetic. Those who have tried it swear by it, and dozens of scientific studies support their feelings. In a time when there are no limits on the number of look-alike products designed for sensitive skin, brittle nails, damaged hair, and so forth and so on, women want something real. The demand for a natural, no-nonsense beauty product has been heard, and 100% argan oil has answered the call.

Pure, organic argan oil will always be a healthy, natural alternative to chemically-laden cosmetics. It's been used in Morocco for hundreds of years without the native women growing bored of its amazing capabilities, so it's unlikely that the rest of the world will either.

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