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Prevent And Remove Stretch Marks With Argan Oil

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Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks with Pure Argan Oil

When it comes to healing and preventing stretch marks, argan oil is the #1 choice.

At some point in their lives, almost everyone has to deal with stretch marks. Yet despite the fact that most people have them somewhere, the scar-like marks feel unsightly, and many women either hide them or buy products designed to eliminate them. Argan oil is an ideal treatment, as it not only heals stretch marks on multiple fronts, but it's effective in helping to prevent their formation in the first place.

argan for stretch marks

Keep your body beautiful with pure argan oil.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

When the skin's elasticity isn't sufficient enough to accommodate a sudden change (for instance, during a teenaged growth spurt, pregnancy, or in times of rapid weight gain), stretch marks appear. If you've ever stretched a piece of soft plastic to the point at which it warps and ripples, that's similar to the way stretch marks form. The plastic stretches as much as it can without losing its shape, until it simply can't maintain any longer. The material breaks or becomes distorted.

When skin is stretched to its limit, it tears as well. The dermal (or middle) layer of skin tears, revealing the deeper layers and forming a puffy epidermal (upper) layer1. Initially, stretch marks appear dark, sometimes showing the blue blood vessels in the skin. Eventually, however, the skin begins to repair itself, and the marks fade. Given enough time (usually years), stretch marks can fade to the point at which they're don't appear visible in most lights. Left on their own, however, they rarely fade quickly or completely.

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How Are Stretch Marks Typically Treated?

Because stretch marks are such a common problem, there are literally hundreds of home remedies and store-bought products designed to remove them. Since stretch marks are simply damaged skin, most of these products focus on encouraging the skin to heal faster. Aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, and castor oil are just a few of the more popular, time-honored remedies. Special lotions containing vitamin E or collagen are also popular products, and available in most pharmacies.

All of these treatment options (along with many others) operate on the same basic principle: Encourage new skin cells to develop quickly and healthily to replace the affected dermal and epidermal layers. Essentially, they help the skin help itself. This is an ideal approach, and the same one that argan oil uses. Pure argan oil, however, has a few extra advantages that set it apart from the competition.

argan oil for stretch marks

Let organic argan oil give you your body back.

What Makes Argan Oil Special?

Despite having been used as natural skin care for centuries, argan oil is a relative newcomer to the Western world of natural medicine. What makes this oil stand out from most other natural skin care products are its high levels of skin-nourishing nutrients and its easy application.

Argan is packed with vitamins E and A (both vital in maintaining healthy skin), as well as various essential fatty acids.  It's also non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and clinical studies have shown how effective it is in promoting skin elasticity2.

Argan's multi-faceted approach to treating stretch marks gives it an advantage that other products simply don't have. For instance, argan oil can:

  • encourage healthy skin cell growth through vitamins and fatty acids3
  • improve elasticity in the skin
  • lighten the appearance of stretch marks
  • keep skin hydrated
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And, as if that weren't enough of an advantage, it can help prevent stretch marks from forming. After all, it's always better to reduce the number and severity of stretch marks than it is to try to erase them after the fact. Using pure argan oil as a daily moisturizer can help keep skin youthful and healthy, giving you a head start in the fight against stretch marks.

Whereas many commercial products include a host of unnecessary ingredients that inhibit the active ingredient's effectiveness, 100% organic argan is nothing but pure, healing power.

argan oil for skin repair

Just a few drops of pure argan oil can reduce stretch marks and restore your skin.

How To Apply Argan Oil To Heal Stretch Marks

After washing your skin with gentle soap and warm water, place a few drops on your fingertip and gently massage over your stretch marks. Do this twice a day (preferably morning and evening). After the first 6-8 days you should begin to see new stretch marks lightening. After a few weeks, both new and older stretch marks will begin to be less physically pronounced (you won't be able to feel them as easily) and will be closer in color to your normal skin tone.

Pure, 100% argan oil is safe enough to be used every day, so you can continue to apply the oil until stretch marks are no longer visible. And because argan oil is an excellent moisturizer and can help skin stay healthy and nourished, continued use is recommended even after stretch marks have faded.

The Bottom Line

Organic argan oil is an easy-to-use, non-greasy, mess-free way to deliver a potent mix of skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids that your skin needs to help heal stretch marks. It has no harsh chemical additives and is safe enough to use on a daily basis. When it comes to treating your body right, nothing works better than pure argan oil.

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