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Argan Oil as Foundation Blender

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The Best Foundation Blender You've Never Tried

Who wouldn't love to leave the house with perfect skin every day?

This has been the goal of makeup creators and artists (not to mention everyday women) centuries. Whether pale or rosy skin was in style, facial makeup has been there to give women their idea of ideal skin. Sometimes that meant a mask of opaque white paint. Nowadays, the goal is much more subtle.

Foundations and concealers are designed to help even out skin tone and hide any skin flaws or damage, such as scars, acne, or red patches. The end goal of foundation is to leave skin looking natural and foundation-free. But without a team of professional makeup artists and an hour or two in the makeup chair, that can be a tall order.

                                                                                               Don't call the pros yet!

Don't call the pros yet

Every beauty site has lists of “hacks” reportedly designed to give readers celebrity perfect skin. These include everything from common sense tips to advise so outlandish one has to wonder if the goal was just to see how many people the supposed expert could fool.

So when we say Argan oil is the best blending oil available, the discerning reader will want to know, “Where's the proof?”

It's Been Here All Along

Although blending oils are only as recent as modern foundations, Argan oil itself not some long-lost secret. It's been used for centuries as a skin health and beauty supplement, but just because most of Western culture has neglected it doesn't mean it's been forgotten. The people of Morocco (where Argan trees are grown) have always used this oil to achieve the stunning skin for which Moroccan women are famous. 

Additionally, there's long-standing science behind its effects. And not the sort of pseudo science that claims Snake Oil X cures cancer; we're talking about basic nutritional science and clinical trials. As a foundation blender, it can't be beaten. But we understand skepticism. After all, women's beauty products don't have the most respectable history.

Foundation's Troubled Past

It's no secret that in the past, women have taken serious health risks in the pursuit of beauty. For most of human history, facial paints were made with lead. Lead is toxic at the best of times, and applying it to one's sensitive facial skin day after day led to many an early, lingering death. It's likely that Queen Elizabeth I's death was in part due to blood poisoning from the heavy white cream she wore to cover her smallpox scars. 

Obviously, foundation and concealers produced today don't carry the risk of poisoning. At worst, one can expect the possibility of a rare allergic reaction or, more likely, clogged pores. We're fortunate that with an increased understanding of chemical interaction we've been able to develop not just safer makeup, but more effective makeup as well.

                                                                                  Improved, but not quite perfect. 
Improved, but not quite perfect.

Foundation's Modern Problems

Unlike the garish paint that may have deprived Queen Elizabeth of a long life and peaceful death, today's liquid and cream foundations are lighter and more natural looking than ever before. But many people still cake on their foundation due to scars and acne, or just lack of a decent product. As we said earlier, what people really want their foundation to do is two things: give them flawless skin, and make it look like they're not wearing any makeup at all. We want to look like we stepped right out of the shower with glowing, even-toned skin, and wearing inches of cream makes that all but impossible.

Blending Oils 

Most makeup gurus recommend using oils as blending agents to ward off thick, cracking foundation. Quality blending oils allow the wearer to spread her foundation thinly and evenly for a natural, dewy appearance. When used well, a good blending oil will leave the skin looking clear, glowing, and makeup-free. The keyword being “good.”

                                                                                                     A little bit goes a long way...
A little goes a long way...

Even highly paid makeup professionals will sometimes tell their viewers to add a dab of olive oil (or worse – vegetable oil in a pinch) to their foundation and then apply that to their skin. But the difference between using a quality makeup oil and a low-grade cooking oil is like the difference between using a natural foundation and greasepaint.

Argan Oil to the Rescue

What makes Argan oil quantifiably better than the alternatives? Several things.

  1. Argan oil is a natural moisturizer.

Dry skin is a seasonal problem for some, and a perpetual problem for others. Whether it's an ongoing problem or one that crops up when the dry winter air rolls in, moisturizers can be the difference between smooth skin and dragon scales. The fatty acids in Argan oil can hydrate your skin without a host of inactive ingredients that do more harm than good.

  1. It's full of natural nutrients to help your skin.

Beyond essential fatty acids, Argan oil contains copious amounts of Vitamin E and other antioxidants that can help skin cells recover from damage, as well as prevent future damage from occurring. 

  1. It won't make your skin greasy.

How does applying oil to your face not create oily skin? Your skin produces oil in response to dryness. It's a sensible biological response, but it doesn't always work the way its supposed to. Often, your skin will overcompensate, leading to excessively oily, greasy skin. To prevent this, it's important to keep your skin well-moisturized. 

Because Argan oil doesn't over-do it, it can keep your skin hydrated (preventing your body from going into oil-producing overdrive) without clogging your pores. Which brings us to our next point... 

  1. It can alleviate acne.

Acne has many different causes, but one of the most common is the over-production of your skin's natural oils. By preventing this, you can prevent future outbreaks. 

  1. It makes you glow.

All that Vitamin E isn't just for health, it's for looks too. You don't need shimmering body powder, lotion, or 'golden glow' foundation to have skin that looks naturally radiant. You just need to let your skin be naturally radiant.

How To Use It

If we've convinced you to give Argan oil a try, here's what to do.

  • Add a drop of oil to your foundation of choice.
  • Mix on a palate.
  • Apply to your face with a brush or sponge.

That's all there is to it. 

When it comes to making your beauty products work for you, Argan oil is simply the best choice. It has a proven history of creating healthy skin as well as successful clinical trials. It's easy to use, and when blended with your favorite foundation, it can help you look like you're wearing no makeup at all.

Tell us what you use Argan Oil for?


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  • Mary Shean: July 10, 2016

    I’m so glad you are writing about this. I watch so many IG profiles or YouTubers and you see them put oil on the beauty blender or foundation brush along with foundation. They never say why? Now I know because you said how it works and why. Thank you finally. I think it’s a great idea because my foundation can be thick and the little about of oil will make it look smoother. I would love to try this product.

  • Jess: July 06, 2016

    hey!! That’s exactly how I use it, I put some foundation on my hand, add a couple of drops of Aynara, mix, apply and then dab with a makeup sponge. Then I finish it with a good setting powder. It has completely changed the way I apply my makeup. Never again that thick pasty feeling. Love it!

  • Zahida: July 06, 2016

    I’ve heard such great things about the aynara argon oil and I’ve been wanting one soooo bad, the fact that it does so much to the skin with just one or two drops is amazing!!
    Everyone is raving about it so I have to own one ASAP!

  • Josefina: July 06, 2016

    I love this oil. I always put it in my hands, warm it and put it all over my face after I wash my face at night. It hydrates my face, and now that my country is in winter my skin tends to dry up and sometimes even crack a little! But this oil helps me a lot, taking away all the discomfort and dryness ❤️

  • Kiara: July 06, 2016

    I cant wait to try your oil!!! ,

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