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Primer: Is it really necessary?

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Whether you’re the loose powder and chapstick kind of girl, the “a little bit, but natural” or the super glam girl, there’s only one element that is equally necessary and beneficial for all: a good primer.

If you don’t currently use it with your makeup, you probably notice that the foundation dries your skin or the cream/powder sits in the fine lines making them more visible. Wasn’t the point of makeup to help you look better?

Are primers safe to use?
If you already use one, you may have tried big names like Smashbox, or MakeupForever, which do the job and leave you with a nice finish, but the problem with using that primer is all the added contaminants on the label. After all, the primer is the first thing that touches your skin, right after a good moisturizer.

You don’t want to undo the goodness of eating healthy and exercising by applying toxic products directly onto the largest organ on your body. Some of the ingredients included in many (if not most) popular primers are derivatives from petroleum like butylene glycol and parabens that don’t allow the skin to “breathe”, they may also include silicone-based polymers like dimethicone, and substances like sulphates, which are known to be harsh to our skin (which is why “sulfate-free” is such a big deal nowadays.) Not to mention that petroleum is a nonrenewable source, which yeah…not good for the environment either.

Because of this, you must choose wisely and read labels to make sure it is as natural as possible of a product that it won’t do more harm than good in the long run.

So what’s the big deal about Argan oil?
Argan oil combines quick absorbing moisture with vitamin E to block free radicals from the skin, carotenes to help even out skin tone, squalene to help heal dry skin, and fatty acids (a whopping 80%) which keeps important things such as water and nutrients within the cells of the skin. Argan oil is a stable oil, which simply means it won’t oxidize when you put it on your counter, it will rather keep the nutrients strong, fresh and ready to use just as the first day for at least 6 months .

Aynara Argan oil As Makeup Primer
Now you know all the goodness that goes into argan oil, but guess what? Makeup lovers rejoice–it also makes an amazing primer! Why? Because when you apply it after warming it with your fingertips, it absorbs quickly but just enough stays on the surface of your skin, leaving it with a beautiful matte texture covering it completely and even protecting it from harmful UV radiation. We just made a quick video to show you how to properly apply it, check it out here.

Now you’re ready for makeup!

Aynara application from Aynara Beauty on Vimeo.

Use it with your foundation or concealer
But wait, there’s more. Now that you’ve applied your newly found primer and makeup, there’s one more use for this wonderful oil: You can mix it with your foundation and/or concealer for a beautiful healthy glow. Once you’ve done that, apply some powder to set everything in place and voila! You’re ready to go on your way, with the healthiest way to apply make up and the most beautiful glow you will ever experience.

Use it throughout the day for a quick fix
Oh wait, I lied, there’s even more! Need a mid-day pick-me-up? Take Aynara with you anywhere for a refreshed look, just put a couple of drops (just a couple, listen to us ;) ) and rub the palms of your hands together, then press your palms onto your face, allowing your skin to suck all that wonderful oil from your palms. Dab dab dab wherever you need it and that’s it. Wonderful glow in a minute.

Are you scared because you have oily skin? Don’t be! Argan oil actually nourishes your skin while regulating the amount of sebum produced, plus it absorbs very quick, you won’t feel oily. Just glowing. And beautiful. Very beautiful. Enjoy!

  Aynara organic Argan oil



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