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Use Argan Oil For Eczema Treatment Instead Of Lotions and Creams

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Can Argan Oil Help My Eczema?

Anyone who's suffered from eczema knows how frustrating the skin disease can be. Finding moisturizers that keep skin hydrated without causing even more irritation is no small task. Trying brand after brand is not only taxing on your already sensitive skin, it can become a real financial strain as well. So, if you're thinking about trying Argan oil to treat your eczema, you'll want to learn all you can before submitting your skin to yet another test.

 Treat dry, brittle skin with Argan oil. 

treat dry skin with aran oil

In this article, we'll explain the facts about eczema, its treatment, and how Argan oil can help you live a  simpler, more comfortable life.


What is eczema?
Eczema is a skin condition affecting roughly 30 million Americans. Symptoms include dry, itchy skin that can break easily, leading to redness and bleeding. Eczema can appear as reddened, rash-like patches on the skin, but may not be visibly apparent in all cases. Other signs include broken skin, dry, raised patches, skin that appears to have been burned, and other forms of discoloration. Eczema can affect people of any age, including infants, and some sufferers go for years without a proper diagnosis.


How is it treated?
Typical treatment involves managing the symptoms of eczema. This includes improving skin care and avoiding irritants that can exacerbate dry, itchy skin. Preventing eczema breakouts can be difficult, but with vigilance and proper care products, it is possible. Moisturizers in the forms of lotions, creams, and sprays are common tools in the battle against the disease.
However, not all moisturizers are equally effective.

Use natural oils to treat your eczema. 

aynara organic argan oil 

Generally, people with eczema should avoid moisturizers containing additives and unnecessary inactive ingredients, as these can irritate the already sensitive skin. Additionally, oil-based moisturizers are superior to water-based, due to their long lasting effects. Although eczema affects everyone differently, there are some generalizations that hold true across the board. For instance, the more natural and unrefined an oil is, the better it will likely be. 

How can Argan oil help?
One of the things that makes eczema so difficult to treat is that sufferers become trapped in a dry, itchy skin cycle. The disease causes dryness, which leads to irritated skin. Even if the sufferer doesn't scratch his or her skin, because it's brittle and sensitive it can be irritated by clothing, bedding, or any number of other contacts. Once the skin is abraded, the condition worsens

To prevent secondary symptoms from starting, people with eczema should use a high-quality, oil-based moisturizer to help alleviate dryness and – if possible – create a protective barrier. Unlike many lotions and commercial cremes, Argan oil can do both of these. And like most natural oils, Argan oil creates a thin, non-greasy oil barrier that keeps natural moisture in and drying substances out. 

make money with aynara argan oil

Argan oil is particularly well-received among eczema sufferers for a few reasons.

  • #1. It's not greasy. Water-based moisturizers tend to feel better in the short term because they don't leave an oily residue. The trade off, however, is that the water quickly evaporates, causing the skin to dry out again quickly. Argan oil absorbs quickly without evaporating, providing relief that lasts for hours.
  • #2. It's packed with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is instrumental in repairing skin cells and preventing future damage. Because Argan oil is loaded with this essential vitamin, it doesn't just help skin feel and look good, it actually improves skin health.
  • #3. It has few (if any) side effects. Eczema medications are often poor treatment options due to their side effects. Moisturizing regimens are generally less problematic, but many lotions and creams contain alcohol and other damaging inactive ingredients. Argan oil is pure and natural, meaning (as long as the user doesn't have an allergy) it shouldn't have any side effects. 
  • #4. It's simple to use. For most treatments, a few drops of oil are all that's needed to soothe and prevent eczema breakouts.

aynara agan oil from morocco

What are the best ways to apply Argan oil?
When treating eczema, a daily routine usually shows the best results. Using it as an after-shower moisturizer and a spot treatment can help keep the disease at bay as well as prevent any flare ups from getting out of hand. Here are a few of the easiest and most effective ways to use Argan oil in your fight against eczema.

Let Argan oil soothe your eczema. 
Argan oil


After Bathing
As soon as you finishing showering or bathing, gently massage a few drops into your skin, paying particular attention to eczema problem areas. This will help your skin retain the moisture from your shower. By applying Argan oil when your skin is clean, you'll also get the best coverage.
Before Going Out
Give your skin an extra boost of protection by massaging one or two drops into your skin before heading outside. If you have a travel sized container of oil, carry it with you in case you have to stay out longer than you planned.
For intensive healing, moisturize your skin with Argan oil before going to bed. Not only can this help prevent irritation from bedclothes, your skin will already be hydrated and protected when you wake up. Overnight moisturizing can be the difference between starting the day at a net loss and starting with money in the bank.
Whenever Your Skin Itches
At the first sign of itchiness, gently reapply Argan oil. This will help keep your skin from becoming inflamed or irritated.


Those who've suffered with eczema know the extent to which it can seem to take over their lives. But this disease doesn't need to control your daily activities. Medications and tubes of alcohol-based lotions are not the only answer, so if they haven't met your expectations, consider making a change. Argan oil may be the answer you've been hoping for.
Here are some before and after pictures using Aynara Organ Argan Oil:

eczema treated with aynara argan oil


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