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DIY Argan Oil Soothing Toner

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You’d be surprised to know how many chemicals you’d be giving up if you were to make your own toner. What is the purpose of it anyways?

  • It gives extra hydration
  • Adds a layer of protection
  • Heals
  • Prepares your skin to receive the benefits of the next step in your beauty routine
  • Amazing to refresh your skin on those hot summer days

aynara argan oil

Chamomile Tea (or  Green Tea )
Tea Tea Oil- 3-4 drops
Argan Oil- Full Dropper (a dd an additional essential oil you love)


  • Chamomile: Healing, calming & soothing
  • Tea Tree: Potent natural antibacterial
  • Argan Oil: Full of antioxidants and vitamins

Beauty Tips:

  • Save one bottle in the fridge and spritz it on your face on hot days
  • Apply some over your makeup to get rid of any powdery dry look
  • Keep it in your purse for hydration on the go

It takes about 5-6 minutes to make a few small bottles of absolute pure, organic, awesome toner. Nothing feels as good on your skin as all natural does. Enjoy!!

Aynara Organic Argan Oil


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