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Prickly Pear Seed Oil Benefits

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Our new beauty secret from the Moroccan desert will change your beauty routine for the best!

We call it the fountain of youth!

Our oil will benefit your skin with its exceptional hydrating and anti-aging properties.

It is light and absorbs well, while providing a huge burst of moisture to skin cells. It soothes, hydrates, and reduces the inflammation that damages collagen, explaining why it’s used to prevent skin aging. By using it as a moisturizer; a natural barrier for the skin is created, which intercepts free radicals and UV damage, slowing the aging process down and protecting skin from pollution.

  • It restores elasticity and brightens the complexion
  • It nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin
  • It tightens pores
  • It brightens dark spots
  • It slows skin aging
  • It prevents wrinkles
  • It will not clog your pores
  • It is great for sensitive skin, it calms inflammation and hydrates the skin.
  • It is a natural nail strengthener

Use: It is an excellent addition to your routine as a night treatment for your face,

Clean your face and apply three to four drops to your face for a night of deep moisturizing and repair.

Try it, The next morning you’ll feel the difference!

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