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The Role of Omega 9 (Oleic Acid) in Argan Oil

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“Essential fatty acids” and “omega fatty acids” are receiving a lot of attention in the press these days. Every outlet seems to be talking about how vital they are for good health, and trying to sell gel capsule supplements. But what are these compounds, and why are they important?

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Omega Acids Explained

Omega fatty acids are polysaturated fats that the body needs to maintain good health. They help with essential functions such as cell growth, and can even help protect or treat some diseases. These fatty acids can be found in food such as fish and nuts, as well as food products such as oils. They're also available in supplement form. Most people have heard of omegas 3 and 6, but less is being said about omega 9, also known as oleic acid.

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Omega 9

Unlike omegas 3 and 6, the body can produce its own omega 9, putting it in the category of “non-essential” (it's essential for your health, but not not an essential supplement as a healthy individual will already have an adequate supply). However, there are still a number of serious health benefits of ingesting it in food, as a separate supplement, or (most importantly) as a skin care treatment.

Benefits of Omega 9 / Oleic Acid

Like the other fatty acids, omega 9 helps the body produce healthy skin and hair cells. Many supplements sold today are marketed at promoting both health benefits and beauty benefits. However, unless a person has a deficiency, omega 9 likely isn't needed as a dietary supplement. But in people with health problems, the effects can be amazing.

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New Health Benefits

In addition to the regular health benefits your body's own omega 9 fatty acids produce on a daily basis, new evidence suggests that higher-than-normal levels of the acid may be used as effective treatments for serious diseases. A number of informative studies have been published in the past few years exploring the health and beauty benefits of omega 9. While more work needs to be done, initial research shows some remarkable results.

For instance, an experiment in which individual cells were treated with omega 9 showed that the fatty acid helped to control the effects of type 2 diabetes in mice. Another study looked at the possibility of omega 9 helping to prevent breast cancer. Both of these hopeful studies show that there's great promise in using supplemental doses of omega 9 as a health aid. In the next few years, we can expect to learn much more about these new developments. In the meantime, throughout these and numerous other studies, no evidence has been found that taking an omega 9 supplement can be harmful.

Beauty Benefits

As stated previously, omega 9 helps the body build strong skin, hair, and nail cells when ingested. But it also makes a comforting and effective topical treatment for acne and other skin ailments. Detractors say that when used by itself, oleic acid can cause trouble for some skin types. However, this is where argan comes in. Argan oil contains both oleic and linoleic acids, creating a nourishing balance your skin will thank you for.

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Mental Health Benefits

While improved physical well-being and a healthy physical appearance would be enough to improve mood for most people, a 2013 study showed that omega 9 can directly contribute to a more positive mood and higher levels of energy. No known studies have been conducted to date that look specifically at treating mood disorders or fatigue, but the groundwork has been laid.

A Vegan Solution

Another side benefit of obtaining omega 9 through Aynara pure organic argan oil is that it's vegetarian/vegan. Because pure organic argan is unadulterated, it's an entirely plant-based product. Many supplements are made from fish, making them unsuitable for vegans and some vegetarians. Even some topical oils are 'stretched' with animal by-products, but Aynara argan never is.

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  • While the misnomer “non-essential” tends to keep omega 9 / oleic acid from getting the publicity it deserves, scientists have not ignored the possibilities this fatty acid presents.
  • Initial research shows that supplemental doses of omega 9 may help control diabetes, prevent breast cancer, increase energy, and elevate mood.
  • Pure, organic argan oil is an ideal way to deliver the healing benefits of oleic acid directly to the skin. Not only is its topical application convenient and effective, the balance of oleic and linoleic acids prevents any potential dryness or irritation, leaving only smooth, clear skin.
  • If looking for an omega 9 supplement not made from animals or animal by-products, Aynara pure organic argan oil is ideal.

Though omega 9 has been slower to catch the public's eye, with so many new developments being made in the health sciences, this fatty acid is finally beginning to get the attention it deserves. As new studies are produced and already published ones are replicated, even more positive information is likely to be revealed about the amazing beauty, physical, and mental health benefits of omega 9.

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