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Keeping your Skin Healthy While Traveling

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Who doesn’t like traveling? It isn’t only fun but it also does good for your health and soul. People go as far as saying that the the key to happiness is to travel. Traveling from a young age, even short trips to places where you can see other people, hear different languages, even enjoy different types of food, teaches you to appreciate others and respect cultures that are beautifully different.


One aspect of traveling that isn’t much fun after a certain age is taking care of yourself while traveling. Your eating habits sort of go out of the window: sleeping, working out…everything goes in another direction and more often than not, it is in a bad direction. And guess where everything shows right away? Right. Your skin. So, here are some tips to travel and stay bright and healthy while traveling.

  •      Check the weather- Make sure you know what you can expect. Is it going to be dry and sunny? Humid? Cold? So many things depend on this, it becomes a MUST. Keep your routine consistent with the weather, if it will be extra dry, plan on drinking tons of water and eating a lot of fruits to rehydrate. Also, pack your best moisturizer and add a layer of Organic Argan Oil as a serum to lock in moisture.
  •      Take a simple makeup bag- This one is so easy to overload. A good way to pack this is to do this on the day of your travel, put on your makeup the way you usually wear it and set it aside as you use it. Then grab just that, put it in a bag and take it. Add only one extra lipstick and small eyeshadow palette for that special night out. As beautiful as that glittery lip tint looks in the bottom of your makeup drawer, you probably won’t need it and you definitely don’t need more bulk.
  •      Take travel sizes of your full beauty routine, cleanser, toner, serum day and nighttime moisturizer. Vacation shouldn’t be the time to give up on your skin. You’ve got pictures to take, girl!
  •      Remember that your skin needs nutrients, don’t deprive yourself from trying the yummy dishes of your destination but remember to eat enough of the good, healthy stuff.
  •      If the above fails, it never hurts to take vitamins with you, grab one of those old lady vitamin dispensers and fill daily doses of your essentials (multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium and B12 are mine) It’s small enough to take with you and it keeps your body healthy.
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  •      Drink plenty of water, if possible take one stainless steel or glass bottle to keep filling it throughout the trip. This will prevent your skin to dehydrate and start looking dull.
  •      Try to get a full night sleep every day or as much as possible. They call it beauty sleep for a reason!
  •      Take a bottle of Aynara Pure Organic Argan Oil with you everywhere. Put a layer while in the airplane to protect your skin from the yucky, recirculated air and keep your skin hydrated throughout the trip. Use it on your ends to prevent your hair from drying.
  •      Use Aynara as a serum, especially if it is sunny, to add some extra UV protection.
  •      Keep a good toner handy and apply freely, even gently over your makeup, to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.
  •      Although makeup remover towelettes are not ideal, they may save your skin from going night-night in full glam. After sightseeing all day and a nice dinner out, the last thing on your mind will be to do your night routine. But don’t give up! Grab a towelette, wipe that makeup off and apply some quick toner and one layer of Aynara Argan Oil to keep your skin healthy at night. You won’t regret it in the morning.
  •  If possible, keep alcohol to a minimum…as good as it is, it dries your skin a ton and it is just not worth it. If you do have alcohol, make it up by drinking lots of water the next day to rehydrate.
  •       Remember to wear SPF daily to protect your skin and prevent wrinkles and spots.
  •       Once you're back home, make sure to exfoliate your skin (you can do a mix of Argan oil, yogurt and nutmeg) to get rid of all the dead skin cells and freshen up, then put a nice hydrating mask followed by a layer of Argan oil before your moisturizer. This will revitalize your skin and make it look nice and renewed.

Consistency is key in skincare. Especially if you are “blessed with bad skin” like many of us. Taking care of your skin daily will help delay the effects of aging.

Let us know if you have more tips!

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