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Argan Oil Nail Benefits

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Using Argan Oil to Get Shiny, Healthy Nails

Many people have heard about the health and beauty benefits of argan oil for skin, but are unaware of how much good it can do for finger and toe nails. If you experience dry, brittle, or broken nails, argan oil could be the help you've been looking for.

argan for nail care

If you want long, beautiful nails, argan oil can help.

The Problem

People with poor nail health can spend hundreds of dollars on products designed to strengthen weak nails, and never see real results. In order to understand why some nail treatments work and others don't, a fundamental understanding of what nails are and how they grow is necessary.

Finger and toe nails are made up of a protein called keratin. Incidentally, keratin is also in hair and skin, which is why both hair and nail care products include the same ingredients, and why a natural treatment for hair will often work for nails as well. Like hair, fingernails can become brittle and weak without proper nutrition. Sometimes even people with a sound diet and healthy hair and skin find that they need extra nail-building nutrients.

And this is no surprise. The function of fingernails is to protect our fingers and provide us the same advantages that claws give other animals (nails, claws, and horns are all made from the same substances and grow in the same way). Most people expose their hands and nails to harsh chemical cleansers. People who work in food service or healthcare may also wash their hands a few dozen times per day, leading to long-term skin conditions. That's far more physical and chemical stress than our nails were ever supposed to encounter.

Therefore, even with proper diet and care, and even when one's hair and skin are healthy, one's fingernails can be brittle, discolored, or even malformed.

argan for stronger nails

Let argan oil transform your nails from weak & brittle to strong & healthy.

The Solution

To effectively treat nail-related problems, it's essential to treat the underlying cause, rather than the symptoms. Many commercial nail treatments designed to strengthen nails simply add a coat of hardener that reinforces the nail. This is a good temporary fix, but it doesn't cure anything. As the nail continues to grow, all new growth will still be weak as before.

That is essentially the problem with most nail treatments. They improve the appearance of the existing nail, but do not address the root cause, which is usually a vitamin, mineral, or protein deficiency. In contrast, argan oil is a pure nutritional supplement that can be applied directly to the nails.

Argan oil can improve nails that are:

  • Flimsy
  • Brittle
  • Peeling
  • Cracked
  • Thin
  • Split
  • Discolored
  • Easily Broken

There's no need for half a dozen different products. Regular treatment with argan can fix all of the above symptoms of poor nail health.


aynara organic argan oil

As we stated earlier, all types of easily damaged nails are the result of a lack of proper nutrients. Sometimes this can be due to age and a related calcium deficiency, but in most cases, the deficiency stems from other sources. Some of these are:

  • Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid that plays a large part in keeping nails (and skin) healthy.
  • Vitamin A is also essential for healthy nails and skin (among many other things).
  • A lack of vitamin E can lead to nail discoloration and overall weakness.

All of the above are necessary for healthy, beautiful nails, and all of them are present in higher percentages in organic argan oil.

get strong nails with argan oil

Get beautiful nails in a matter of days with pure argan oil.

How To Use Argan to Improve Nail Health

Argan oil nail treatment is simple, quick and easy. Just a drop or two each day is all most people will need to see improvement in their nails within a matter of days. Here are some specific guidelines for using argan on nails.

  • Nail Bed
  • Whether your nails are stiff and brittle or flexible and weak, argan can help them grow strong. Use this treatment once or twice per day (ideally in the morning and again before bed), and you should begin to see improvement within a week. Simply put a drop of oil on the index finger of one hand, then dab that onto each fingernail of the opposite hand. Gently rub into each nail, then repeat for the other hand. Less is more when it comes to argan, so use only a bit and let it absorb fully into the nail.

  • Cuticles
  • Without proper care, cuticles (the skin around your nail bed) can become dry and hard. To prevent this, use argan oil as a skin moisturizer on your cuticles. Rub the oil into the skin around your nails in small, circular motions. Argan is an excellent moisturizer, and the results will be visible in just a few days.

    aynara organic argan oil

  • Toes
  • Toes can be so neglected – at least until summertime comes around. And while everyone wants her toes to look lovely in the summer sun, toe and foot care is important all year round. Toenails can be affected by all of the same problems we've already looked at, and can be treated in the same way. But one of the  most common problems for toes are hardened cuticles and rough skin.

    We'll discuss argan as a skin softener in detail in another article. For now, it's important to simply recognize that even though hard, dry skin around toenails may not be as noticeable as it is around the fingers, it still needs to be treated with as much care. Take the time to massage a bit of oil into your toenail cuticles, especially in colder months when feet spend more time trapped in cold shoes.

    The Final Word

    Health and beauty manufacturers are making a mint off of people's desire for strong, healthy nails by offering temporary solutions to a clear problem. And while most people subject their hands and fingernails to such a barrage of abuse that regular treatment is necessary, argan oil offers a solution that treats the cause, not the symptoms. What's more, it does so without any artificial ingredients or chemical additives, so there are no unwanted side effects.

    Argan is a simple, pure solution to nail care concerns. It requires a miniscule amount of product and only a few minutes of treatment per day to have strong, beautiful, natural nails. Treat your body to something good with argan.

    Aynara Organic Argan oil


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