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5 Reasons “Made in Morocco” Makes a Difference

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And why “Packaged in America” Does Too
If you've heard anything about argan oil, you've probably heard reference to Morocco. If you've seen oils advertised as “made in Morocco,” you may have wondered why the area makes a difference. In fact, all authentic argan oil comes from Southern Morocco, as it is one of the few places on the planet where argan grows naturally.

Argan oil grows naturally in Southern Morocco

Argan oil in morocco
Situated on the continent of Africa just below Spain, the subtropical country is generally subject to a mild climate. The southern region is warm and arid, its borders overlapping the Sahara desert. In this environment, the argan tree – argania spinosa – was able to survive and thrive, due in part to a semi-symbiotic relationship with local goats. These miraculous trees adapted millions of years ago to withstand the harsh landscape, with enormous, long-reaching root systems that help them find water and stay upright in the face of unforgiving desert winds.
But these facts alone aren't what make Moroccan argan oil so prized. In addition to being remarkably well adapted, there are five other amazing reasons to only use argan oil made in Morocco.

Aynara Argan oil

#1. It's Authentic
Argan trees only grow in Morocco. When you buy “made in Morocco” you're getting the real deal, not synthetic blend. Many types of oil claim to be “argan oil” when they contain only a small portion of oil mixed with fillers. Think of these like fruit juices that contain up to one percent juice. Authentic argan oil, however, has been tied to the land for hundreds of years. The local culture has developed around it, perfecting the harvest and application of the nuts and oil during that time span. Without all of these elements coming together, argan oil as we know it can't exist.
#2. It's Protected
The area in Southern Morocco where argan nuts are grown is a UNESCO's Biosphere Reserve. This aspect of the Man and the Biosphere Program keeps the land protected in a number of ways. First, it prevents the land from being used for other purposes or paved over for commercial enterprises. This is vital for the continued existence of the tree, but it also helps to preserve the natural ecosystem that's been functioning for thousands of years. A Biosphere Reserve is like a protective umbrella that extends over the entire system and all biodiversity therein, including all native flora and fauna, as well as traditional human practices. This aims to prevent the collapse of the natural ecosystem that sometimes occurs when rural areas become rapidly industrialized.

Argan fields in Southern Morocco are protected by UNESCO

Argan fields in Morocco
#3 It's a Higher Quality Oil
Because of the protections placed on the area and due to the continuing traditional harvests, the argan oil produced in Morocco is of the highest possible quality. The tree's nuts are among the hardest and most difficult to crack in the world, and the time-honored techniques from local peoples are sometimes more effective than what modern mechanical advancements can offer. These time-intensive processes create a potent, powerful oil unlike anything else on earth.
#4. It's Empowering
Much of the organic, Moroccan argan oil produced is done through indigenous women's cooperatives. This arrangement not only protects the native population from exploitation, it also empowers women on a global scale. By keeping the harvesting and production in the hands of Moroccan women, you're doing more than helping to preserve a traditional, quality process. You're helping to foster a strong global trade.
#5. It Preserves Local Culture
Too often, a sudden demand for a new product that comes from a single area causes that area more harm than good. Land is bought out by foreign investors, local water sources become polluted, and indigenous people end up paying a small fortune for the products they themselves produce. But with organic argan oil from protected Moroccan fields, this is not the case. Between local cooperatives and the UNESCO safeguards, the culture and traditions that have cultivated argan for hundreds of years are alive and well.

The Argan sold in Moroccan markets is the same as the Argan sold here. 

Argan oil in Moroccan markets
But our oil isn't just made in Morocco, it's also packaged in and sold through the U.S. We believe this arrangement is truly the best of both worlds, as we're obtaining the highest quality oil direct from the source. By bottling it in the US, we're able to oversee the packaging process and ensure the highest standards of excellence. Our raw materials are grown in their most ideal environment, and our packaging and processing is done under more careful supervision here at home.
This is the image of globalism at its finest. Without taking any jobs away from farmers or harvesters in Morocco, we're still able to create new jobs in the United States. In this ethical international situation, everyone benefits. This is true global economic security.
Organic, made-in-Morocco argan oil is so much more than just a label. It's the sign of an authentic, high-quality product. It's also the sign of a new trend in the business world that fosters respect and understanding across nations.

Aynara Argan oil


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