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Kids. Crazy morning hair. What to do?

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Kids and hair
       You normally think cute little pony tails or medium length luscious hair, or a Bekham boy’s hair nicely parted to the side, staying put against all wind and gravity. But what if, what if! You’re blessed with cutie patooties with crazy hair, morning bed-hair madness and harder than life knots that seem more complicated to figure out than a celebrity’s love life.

What now?
       I have easy hair, wavy and ready to go out in just a few minutes (knock on wood), so I never even knew morning hair could be a problem, but the wonders of mixing Moroccan and Latin genes gave my children the most beautiful, yet hard to style hair.
       I’ll make your life a little easier, and if you follow these steps, I promise you’ll have happier mornings and will be on your way to wherever it may be you have to go at those early hours when all you want is your comfy bed.
Here we go:
1. Washing my kids hair once a week, but rinsing it daily with lukewarm water works wonders! Ask a good dermatologist, the root of all evil (skin and hair) is warmer than lukewarm. So I gradually got my kids used to no-so-warm baths and shampoo less often.  
2. I comb their hair with a good brush, while the hair is still wet (I use a wetbrush), starting from the bottom and working my way up to the roots until I can easily comb thru the hair without a problem.
3. I like to loosely braid my girls’ hair, this is what my grandma used to do with my hair, plus my sister-in-law swears that hair can be “taught” how to grow. Regardless of old wives tales, keeping it contained at night prevents that crazy dreaded morning hair.

Ayanra Argan Oil Kids Hair curls
4. Once in a braid (French is my favorite) put a towel over it and take all excess water
5. Pour a few drops of ARGAN OIL (2-3 for my daughter’s long hair) in the palm of your hand, rub palms together and gently rub the hair, as if you were “pressing” the hair in place, starting from the crown of the hair, all the way thru the ends. If there are split ends, focus the oil on that area.
6. If you feel that you need one more thing to help with the morning hair, check the material of your children’s pillowcases. If they’re even a little bit textured or tiny bit rough, the hair will start to tangle little by little as the kids start to toss and turn at night.

       I do all the same steps for my boys’ shoulder length hair (except the braid, as much as the man-braid is in, my son won’t budge).
        In the morning, comb the hair again (it will be so easy once you have done the process!) and restyle as desired. I may or may not be guity of (gasp!) leaving the braid she slept on and just add a couple of drops and work on the flyaways. Hey, with 3 kids, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Ayanra Aragn Oil Kids Hair

        ARGAN OIL is absorbed very quickly, so unlike all other kids’ products you currently use, you won’t see a suspicious shocking difference the very first day. What I can guarantee is this: it will feel very nice the first time you apply it, the hair will be easier to manage and because the benefits of ARGAN OIL build up over time, nourishing and strengthening your hair, the more you make it a part of your routine, the shinier and easier to manage the hair will get. Plus, unlike every other product out there, this is a pure product, nothing added, healthy enough to use in many different ways, skin, hair, nails lips,….you name it. Want to see more? go to and check out the many different ways ARGAN OIL is great for you.

       Try this for a week and let us know how it works for you! See those braids in the pictures? Easy breezy if you keep the hair hydrated! 

Ayanra Argan Oil Kids hair


~Paula, Mother of 3


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