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Eczema cured with Aynara Pure Organic Argan Oil

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Eczema cured with Aynara Pure Organic Argan Oil

 "My daughter has had sensitive skin ever since she was born. I’ve visited numerous dermatologists & tried changing her diet many times but the eczema and skin rashes continued. I have every prescription cream & bought many moisturizers that did nothing. One day they called from preschool saying her arms were itchy & red. When I arrived her arms were fire -red & she was crying inconsolably. I took her home and my husband suggested we try putting the Aynara Organic Argan oil we had just received. I was hesitant, but since it was 1 single organic ingredient, I gave it a shot. I put a few drops first to see the reaction. It absorbed quickly and she didn’t scream (as with everything else) so I put a small teaspoon on each arm & rubbed a little. 

The inflammation reduced immediately & so did the pain.I couldn’t believe my eyes! I put another layer before bed and the next morning there were just a few scabs left over. No more crying, pain itching…nothing. I now make sure to exfoliate her little body and put argan everywhere at least once a month and apply a thin layer of argan on arms and legs at least once a week. I also put some on her face daily (the sun also irritates her skin when they’re in the playground) Aynara argan oil has completely changed the way I care for my daughter’s skin. We haven’t had another episode for at least 6 months and that’s a record!" 

Very Happy Mother, xoxo

Ayanra Pure Organic Argan OIl the most potent and purest argan oil in the market


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